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When the Ghana workforce depends on Warrior, the Warrior depends on the very best.

The safety footwear is made of genuine leather uppers and direction injection P.U. soles. The protective capabilities of the range is further enhanced with the alloy toe cap integration, which can withstand shocks of up to 200 joules caused due to falling or rolling of heavy objects.

The footwear is manufactured at the next-generation facilities of Liberty in two forms: low neck and high neck (ankle) footwear, each design serves specific purposes.

Decades of expertise in footwear manufacturing ensures that the shoes are built to serve the purpose in the most effective manner; high end technologies and premium materials are brought together to enhance the protective capabilities of the range, which is all-weather friendly, water proof, oil resistant, light weight, and extremely flexible to wear and move around. The footwear is antistatic with a tolerance range between 100 Kilo Ohms and 1000 Mega Ohms. Furthermore, the shoes are processed through anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatments so as to ensure healthy feet; the soft chrome leather/ non-woven inner lining enables sweat absorption, ensuring cool and odour free feet.

The high standards associated with Warrior Professional Gear are evidenced by approvals from reputed laboratories from across the world including PFI, ITC, TUV, PSB, FDDI, India and authorised laboratories in the world. The relentless focus on quality makes us among the top safety shoes manufacturers in India.

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